Still Here, Waving Emphatically

Good morning everyone. I have no idea why but I am compelled to write a little post. I don’t have a topic in mind, I just wanted to keep this blog active and assure everyone I am still here. I have been working on a few contracts with firefly lately so I have actually been actively blogging but just elsewhere.

Nothing much to report. Today I have woken up with a hangover… weird thing about that is I didn’t drink. I guess I mean I just feel really groggy today. Got a raging headache. Yesterday we had a family day out in Buxton. It’s a really hilly place in the countryside and yet simultaneously the most wheelchair user abundant place I have ever been. As you know my daughter is a wheelchair user and even taking turns pushing with phil has still rendered me an achey jelly-like mess today. It was a good day, however Amy has been quite agitated recently and we aren’t sure why. She had a bit of breathing difficulty the other day so hospital gave us an inhaler and she seems to be better in that respect.

I am really pleased this morning, left Amy’s ipad at my mum and dads but then remembered the trusty kindle. Not been able to charge it for ages but just found a way with a USB. Not really news that is it.

On the housing front things are looking promising. I have my fingers crossed that in the next week we will have news that will transform our lives. But again, fingers crossed. Nothing is set in stone yet.

Eczema? Still an issue. Actually hurts typing right now. Anxiety? I’m pretty tense and stressed out. What else. Oh and yeah we have a wheelchair van now so that’s great. He’s called Huey.

I will leave this here. Amy’s my little pony episode is ending and I need to get ready. Here is a picture from the weekend. Myself, grandma and Amy. My dad took this. Amy went on her first ever fairground ride that morning.



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