What I like about being in hospital with my daughter

Not really a real post. But it half amused me. Badly typed as done from my phone in my sleep deprived state. Picture is from our breakfast routine at home (daughter is tube fed)

I am Feeling angry about the bad stuff like ongoing feed issues, fob offery between different specialists, my little girly not feeling well…

What i like about staying in hospital

– when you get a really nice nurse who gets your stupid humour and you can tell genuinely cares. And they stay and chat and interact with your child. (They still manage to get stuff done too. They just never stop!)

– when the child goes to bed and you get to go to the parents room for a hot chocolate

– the chewy toast that gets brought to you in the morning. It’s basically breakfast in bed! (Ignore the no hot drinks rule and see above). I actually like that toast now. 

– when you feel like youre camping 

– eating chocolate in bed

– people feel bad for you and bring you stuff

– because we are in the sn community we almost always have friends here (that’s kind of sad but weey solidarity and social life)

– everything is really clean and someone empties bins for you

– when you get a cubicle and not an open ward and you set up a home from home

– the handwash doesnt destroy me like it does everywhere else

– it’s like a boring budget holiday where the climate changes rapidly. Actually that’s not good. It goes soo hot then freeezing. 

– the showers here always have really good pressure. And you get clean towels every time. 

– you learn to not have dignity (i snore loud)… It helps you not care what people think. You can also talk freely (and are encouraged to) talk at length about poop, mucous, gastric emptying

– there are different toys to show your child. And because theyre unwell they are sometimes more placid and accepting of new things

– there is water machines everywhere. And plug sockets 

– a microwave meal seems like a treat after chewy toast and constant prepacked sandwiches

– you can rant about ENfit tube accessories and everyone around you understands what the hell youre on about. You even make jokes about feeding pump rage (pumper’s rage)

– you learn new parameters for timing. Here is like an alternate universe where 20 minutes is actually up to 4 hours. You learn patience and assertiveness


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