The Pressure of the First Post

Writing the first post to a new blog is daunting. Just like when you buy a new notepad and you take extra care to write as neat as possible. Hopefully I won’t do what I do with notepads and let my posts deteriorate and become scrambled and illegible.

I am not totally sure what I will do with this blog. I hope I can stick to it and keep updating it. I have wanted to start one for a while but 1) couldn’t think of a name and 2) Wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted it for. I do actually have a tumblr account but I mainly use that to have a bit of a ramble and reblog silly pictures and memes. I also do accept blog commissions from Firefly (Awesome Special Needs equipment company), but in some ways I can be restricted to talking only about my life as a special needs parent, and there is more to my life than that, though it is the biggest and most important aspect of my life. I hope to continue to blog for my good friends at Firefly, but I am thinking it could be cool to talk about other topics… like anxiety (an annoying but prominent feature of my life), my hobbies (such as reading, games, pokemon, rock music, dogs, walking), the future and what I want from it… just stuff like that or whatever pops into my head at the time.

It’s inevitable that a lot of my blogs will be about Amy and the things we get up to on a day to day basis and I will definitely be doing a post about Amy’s birth and the events that have happened leading up to todays Amy. In some ways I think this will be a cool way to network… especially when I write about something like eczema and like-minded sufferers reach out having searched the tags. Or maybe it’s a good way to keep most of my dirty laundry off facebook… well, not dirty laundry… But I am a pretty open person with probably too much to say.

I am quite pleased by the name melodramatic pumpkin… I wanted something to do with coffee, or rock music or something like that. But truth be told I’m an emotional little sausage and pumpkins? Well, they’re cute and cool… and I love autumn and halloween. So there we go. I would also describe myself as rotundly pumpkineque too what with my current overeating issues and what not.

Sometimes 140 characters on twitter isn’t quite enough for me to convey what I want to say. And when I do a facebook post I feel it has to be relevant/concise and quite often I am neither of those things. I think I am better suited to long rambles… perhaps it stems from my university days where every argument about a book has to exceed a word limit of at least 2000.

Writing makes me happy. I get bad writers block at times and it puts me off accepting commissions for work. But hopefully this year I will get more time to learn, read and write. A few people have told me I should write a book but to me that is huge. I lack the discipline, talent, time and inspiration for that… I have absolutely huge respect to anyone who has ever published a book. It really is incredible. It’s sad that physical books are dying out. I love the feeling of a book in my hand and don’t do it even nearly enough. Kindles are great, blogs are great, but I do like a good bit of paper. I guess we are saving trees though so that’s always good.


I included an image of me and Amy (my daughter) on this post… purely because I think pictures always compliment a post and make it a little less “texty”. She’s a cutie so at least if you hate my writing and wish I would just shut my facehole (or typing hole?!) you get to see that big cheeked patootie.

I guess I will leave this here as I have explained the reason for this blogs’ existence (in a somewhat convoluted and jumbled chunk of garble) and I suppose I will probably also make a facebook page for this blog eventually. Who knows. Let’s see where it takes me.




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